Live Wedding Portraits

Elevate your wedding day to a new level of artistry with my exclusive “Live Wedding Portraits” offering. A celebration captured in real-time brushstrokes, turning your special moments into timeless works of art, for you and for your guests.

🎨 Live Artistry: Imagine an experienced artist mingling with your guests, capturing the essence of your celebration as it unfolds. My live wedding portraits add a touch of magic to your day, turning each guest, and the newly weds, into a living masterpiece.

📸 Capture the Moment: My service beautifully captures the joy, love, and laughter of your wedding day, creating unique and emotional pieces that you’ll cherish forever.

💍 Personalised Art Styles: Choose from a variety of art styles, including the ever-popular faceless portraits. I can tailor my approach to suit your vision, ensuring each portrait reflects your unique love story.

🖌️ Bonus A4 Paintings: As a special touch, my most popular package includes live-painted guest portraits plus two additional A4-sized paintings after your wedding. It’s a collection of memories that extends beyond the celebration.

🌟 Be a Trendsetter: Join the growing trend of couples who choose to make their wedding an artistic celebration. Stand out and make a statement with a service that combines entertainment and unique guest favours.



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