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The long awaited ‘Lana‘ collection, 2023. On the 27th February this year, my life changed forever. My adoring husband of 8 years, Father to our 3 year old son, left our home….forever. Turns out he’d been having a long-term affair with his young assistant. A worry I carried with me daily, in private, throughout 2022 to the point where I became a shell of a woman. So there I was, receiving an anonymous email at my lowest, only to become even lower. Broken. As I slowly try to place the jumbled jigsaw puzzle pieces of my life together, I embrace all emotions and power on through to rebuild my life…for me and for my Bertie.

When I was deep in the emotion of it all around May time, I listened to Lana Del Rey continuously as her lyrics just spoke to me. These 9 pieces were created based on a selection of the most profound one-liners from Lana. I feel sure that one of these pieces will resonate with you in what you are or have been going through.

Place this in pride of your house & yourself for where you are today. I made prints of this so I can do the very same in my home.


These original artworks have been created on thin canvas board measuring 5 x 7″ using a mixed media of acrylic paints, pearlescent inks & subtle gold glitters. The first artworks to see a splash of neon & a new technique of ‘dribbling’ the white acrylic at the end of each creation.

I decided to frame these in white 11 x 9″ frames to really make the neon colours pop. They are so adaptable and can be sat safely on any surface such as a bedside table or desk. A metal hook on the back of the frame makes for easy and secure wall hanging if you prefer to hang these in your home.

BULK OFFER! These honestly do look beautiful as a set of 9, 6 or 3. I can offer a discount on bulk orders, so please text 07793 279296 if you wish to buy more than one x

Each piece has been hand painted by Sarah using a mixture of acrylic, resin paints and mixed media to create shine & texture.

Please note that, each piece is an authentic piece of original artwork. There is only 1 edition of this piece of art.  Once 1/1 of each piece has sold these pieces will not be remade; Sarah can try to recreate a similar piece on a custom order. Please WhatsApp Sarah on 07793 279296 if you want a piece creating similar to this one, in any size or colour of your choice.

Artwork & Frame Dimensions

  • Artwork: 5 x 9 inches
  • White Frame: 11 x 19 inches
  • Depth: 0.5 inches
  • Includes wall hanging for mounting & stand for freestanding option

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