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The story behind the art

This original 90x90cm canvas is part of the ‘Magic Within’ Collection.

This is an ultra special collection of abstract fluid paintings which were created in 2022 after Sarah relived her amazing one & only natural birthing experience.

In 2019 Sarah was, rightly or wrongly, diagnosed with Tokophobia which is a fear of pregnancy & childbirth. Looking back Sarah says “I think this was just a fear of all the things that could go wrong, which came naturally to me as a woman who lost two babies. I’m really not sure it should’ve been labelled as something so dramatic sounding tbh because it made me feel worse!” Sarah spent months 4 – 9 of her pregnancy in complete Lockdown, just her & her husband in Spring/Summer 2020. It was bliss she says; a perfect bubble allowing for calm & nourishment in all sense of the word. Sarah went into labour naturally at 41 weeks pregnant on Friday 17th July 2020 at 1:30pm. Albert Louie was born at 7:34pm. No medication, not even a paracetamol (that was for her husband! Honestly!) Sarah absolutely LOVED ever minute of labour & birth….especially birth. Which is kinda ironic given how fearful she was…& doing it alone in Lockdown.

So this series depicts how Sarah felt during various stages of labour & birth. Pure magic. Major advances in knowledge have occurred within the science industry, resulting in an understanding of emotions as prime directors of our experience of labour which is orchestrated by neurohormones. Sarah hopes this collection shows some of that.

‘Spiritually High’ depicts that feeling when your baby is passed to you for the first time. Nothing on earth like it. A splash of love, joy, relief & a million more emotions.

All pieces from this series are limited edition original mixed media acrylic paintings on premium canvas.

Each piece has been hand painted by Sarah using a mixture of acrylic, resin paints and mixed media to create shine & texture.

Please note that, each piece is an authentic piece of original artwork. There is only 1 edition of this piece of art.  Once 1/1 of each piece has sold these pieces will not be remade; Sarah can try to recreate a similar piece on a custom order. Please WhatsApp Sarah on 07793 279296 if you want a piece creating similar to this one, in any size of your choice.

Artwork Dimensions

90x90cm boxed canvas (unframed)

Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 90 × 90 × 2 cm