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This original mini canvas is part of the first drop in 2023 – The ‘Manifesting Magic‘ Collection. A series of mini (5×7″) abstract fluid paintings portraying the thoughts & feelings we all experience as we enter a new year.


These pieces ‘Manifesting Magic’ were created as I absolutely had my head shaken up whilst I reviewed how I want to turn my life around, in every area. As a solo parent 4 days/nights a week (hubby works abroad) & full time artist, at times it’s been bloody lonely & so physically hard but I’ve manifested time and time again exactly how things need to be in 2023. When these pieces are in your homes I want you to be reminded of the goals you’ve set for your life this year & how even when it seems like you won’t, you WILL achieve them!!!

Each piece has been individually named with my own manifestations, but I know one will match yours too. There are six to choose from, all relating to various areas of your life.

This one relates to energy gained from the people you spend your most time with; be it Family or Friends. The manifestation of it is “I AM SURROUNDED BY PEOPLE WHO RADIATE POSITIVITY”


These original artworks have been created on 5×7″ canvas board, using a mixed media of acrylics, pearlescent inks & subtle glitters. They have each been created with the inspiration of ‘manifesting’ good things into our lives this year. I want you to choose a piece that really resonates with your wants & beliefs for 2023, so when you look at it, it will ignite you with inspiration & power.

Each piece represents an area of life; love, health, career, finances, relationships & self love. The colours used were what I feel reflects these areas, as well as the affirmation in the titles. I used a mix of media including iridescent inks & each piece is finished off with a thick, glossy varnish to make those colours & effects really POP! I know photos don’t always do art justice, but the videos I will post on my socials will show you the stunning, sparkling & iridescent elements. These pieces are also my most affordable originals as it was really important to me to produce a series for those that have supported me over the years as I re-launch my original abstract artworks throughout 2023.

You will receive the original piece of artwork mounted onto a gold effect frame which can be hung or placed on a desk/table/cabinet using the frames stand.

Each piece has been hand painted by Sarah using a mixture of acrylic, resin paints and mixed media to create shine & texture.

Please note that, each piece is an authentic piece of original artwork. There is only 1 edition of this piece of art.  Once 1/1 of each piece has sold these pieces will not be remade; Sarah can try to recreate a similar piece on a custom order. Please WhatsApp Sarah on 07793 279296 if you want a piece creating similar to this one, in any size of your choice.

Artwork Dimensions

Golden Frame 10.5″ x 8.5″ with a depth of 1.5″

Artwork is mounted on white art card & measures at 7″ x 5″

The artwork is created on canvas board & therefore can be removed from the frame at any stage in order to be re-framed into a smaller or larger frame; or alternatively to hang directly to a wall.

Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 90 × 90 × 2 cm