Edgewater (SOLD)

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The story behind the art

This original 100x100cm canvas is part of the marble series painted pre-Lockdown.

Edgewater combines what Sarah sees as she imagines walking barefoot on Clearwater Beach, Florida (her favourite & most memorable childhood holiday). The colours used include many shades of blues & sand tones with stunning glitter elements & splashes of sea salt white. This stunning one of a kind piece looks to add a coastal vibe to your home.


All pieces from this series are limited edition original mixed media acrylic paintings on premium canvas.

Each piece has been hand painted by Sarah using a mixture of acrylic, resin paints and mixed media to create shine & texture.

Please note that, each piece is an authentic piece of original artwork. There is only 1 edition of this piece of art.  Once 1/1 of each piece has sold these pieces will not be remade; I can try to recreate in custom orders. There is a slight imperfection with this piece, hence the reduction in cost. Behind one of the glitter areas, there is a small tear at the back of the canvas. It has been glued and is not visible when looking at the canvas.

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Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 90 × 90 × 2 cm