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This original square boxed canvas is part of The ‘LA Collection‘. A series of 20x20cm abstract fluid paintings inspired by the sunsets of Los Angeles.


These pieces were created based on a large dream of mine. To live in LA. Why? Honestly, I don’t know! I am just drawn to the place. I can visualise my little boy growing up there, splashing in the waves & having a relaxed way of life. A huge beach house that I wander onto the balcony of each morning with fresh orange juice, watching the world go by with a husband that doesn’t have to work. It’s a dream, my dream.

The sunsets seen in the LA cities are inexplainable to me! I have picked out 6 cities that have particularly stood out to me, so much so I wanted to recreate them in abstract marble artworks.


These original artworks have been created on 20 x 20cm square, boxed canvases, using a mixed media of acrylics, pearlescent inks & subtle glitters.

Each piece represents an LA sunset that looks divine to me. These pieces are one of my most affordable collections, as it is really important to me to produce art for those that have supported me over the years as I re-launch my original abstract artworks throughout 2023.

You will receive the original piece of artwork on canvas, which can be hung or placed freestanding on a desk/table/cabinet.

Each piece has been hand painted by Sarah using a mixture of acrylic, resin paints and mixed media to create shine & texture.

Please note that, each piece is an authentic piece of original artwork. There is only 1 edition of this piece of art.  Once 1/1 of each piece has sold these pieces will not be remade; Sarah can try to recreate a similar piece on a custom order. Please WhatsApp Sarah on 07793 279296 if you want a piece creating similar to this one, in any size of your choice.

Artwork Dimensions

Square Boxed Canvas 20cm x 20cm with a depth of 1.5cm

The artwork is created on canvas & therefore can be placed freestanding on a table/desk etc or alternatively hung directly to a wall using a simple nail (the canvas is extremely light).

Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 90 × 90 × 2 cm