Live Event Painting

Wow your guests with a unique experience


Live painting is a new and on trend way to capture memories from your event, adding a mesmerising focal point & creating a unique style of entertainment.

Your guests can watch their personalised portraits come to life in less than 7 minutes each & are free to take them home as custom-made gifting they will treasure for years to come.

During the course of the day I will display each portrait on mini easels so everyone can enjoy the artwork.

Life's key moments are precious. Paintings of them are irreplaceable.


Each portrait will firstly be hand sketched using 2B & 4B Faber-Castell Graphite Aquarelle pencils in a matter of minutes. I then choose an array of colours from my Winsor and Newton set of professional watercolour pans of paint & paint using a selection of my favourite Daler-Rowney paintbrushes. I will also bring along metallic watercolour paints for added sparkle for if anyone requires (especially fab at Christmas!). I use A5 (5.8 x 8.3 inches) watercolour paper which is 300gsm in thickness & textured to produce a stunning effect.

The style is fairly abstract. I don't tend to paint facial details due to time constraints, but these do make for a gorgeous faceless look which is timeless. I focus on colour & clothing, & always finish each painting with delicate splashes of paint.

The Premium, Elite & VIP packages all include a beautiful white hardback guest signing book. This is 8x8" in size & will be personalised for you & brought to your event. You send me a photo to copy from, & I will paint that photo (complete with any text) onto the front cover of the guest book. This is an absolute fave for hosts & guests alike & looks gorgeous.

If you choose the Elite or VIP package options, you will also be entitled to an A4 illustration of the host (i.e. Mama to be or birthday girl/boy) or couple (if Wedding, engagement etc). This will be painted before the event & I shall bring it to the event with me displayed in a frame on my workspace for all to see. The VIP package also includes a Group portrait of up to 10 people which will be painted after the event & posted to you free of charge.

A5 portraits are completed entirely on site at your event; should you require an additional Group portrait I am able to complete this for you post event from a photo I take on the day. These will incur additional cost of £65.00 for a group portrait for up to 10 people on A4 - the hosts or guests are welcome to purchase these.

Paintings are timeless keepsakes that can be enjoyed daily as part of your home, as your next chapter in life begins.



  1. Secure your booking by placing an order on Etsy I will contact you within the hour of your booking via Etsy messages, then we will converse via WhatsApp. I will then contact the venue to arrange everything I need for the day - no stress or extra tasks for you.
  2. I arrive early at your event & set up. I then start painting your guests - I do so by asking whoever wants an A5 portrait to let me take a photo of them. They can choose to pose or act naturally; whatever they want. I then sit at my workspace & use that photo as a reference point to paint from. I tend to paint around 6 individuals per hour.
  3. Guests are more than welcome to watch as I paint. As I finish each portrait, I will place them on my work table for all to see, & once dry they will be placed on small, clear easels on which they stand up. Your guests can take their paintings & easels home with them either when I am ready to leave or when the event finishes; whichever comes first.

During the event, I will also bring along blank keyrings, necklaces & baubles for your guests to choose to have their portraits painted on these as an alternative or extra. You will not pay for these as the host; each guest will be able to pay for them via my contactless payment system at the event. Prices will range from £10.00 - £30.00 per item/portrait.

If you require any artwork after the event, we can arrange that before or during your event. I offer add-ons such as frames, prints in various sizes or Group watercolour portraits which I will complete post event from a photo I take on the day. These will incur additional costs which will be available to view on the day; ranging from £7.00 for an A5 frame, to £12.00 for a print, to £65.00 for a group portrait on A4 paper for up to 10 people - the hosts or guests are welcome to purchase these.

You can choose to interact with me via Instagram, Etsy or phone (07793 279296) if you prefer before booking with any questions you may have.


I am now almost fully booked for 2022 & taking bookings for 2023 onwards. You can secure your booking by placing an order on my Etsy store or email me with any queries

I do take my payments upfront, no deposit. This is to secure your booking 100%. Of course if your event gets cancelled, I will refund you. I offer Klarna as a payment option, where you can choose to pay in 3 monthly equal instalments, interest free; it is a great way to spread the cost of this event entertainment.

Once you place your order on Etsy, I will contact you within the hour. This will be via Etsy messages initially, then we will take it to WhatsApp.

You can tell me everything about your exciting event & what time you would like me there. I will contact the venue on your behalf & introduce myself, as well as organise a set up table & chair for me to work on.

I will arrive 25-15 mins prior to the start of your event (or time you require me from) in order to set out my materials & get a vibe for the event & of course to greet your guests. I will back down my materials & belongings quietly & subtly once finished, so you aren't required to do or organise a thing on your special day.

If you want any prints of the portraits after the event, I can easily do so because I take high grade images of the paintings at the event which can be created into various sizes of prints for you & your guests to purchase. I will also offer an array of gifts during the event, including the guests' portraits on keyrings, baubles or necklaces for a small additional fee (paid by each individual at the event via my contactless payment system).

Gosh, I am just so excited for my next event just writing this! Hope to see you soon! Sarah x