Digital Portraits

This is me & my husband Alistair & our perfect baby boy Bertie who was born in the height of Lockdown, July 2020. He was 3 months old here & we were about to leave the house for the first time to form a bubble with my parents. Bitter sweet memories, but ones I wish to cherish.

I started creating digital portraits like this one on my iPad when I was 5 months pregnant with Bertie. I still offer these on my Etsy store for £12+ & they make for such lovely prints around your home to display your memories.


Here are some of my current bestsellers for 2022. Prices start at £12 for one person, adding £2 for each person added. I start drawing them from a photo you send me the same day & once you're happy with it, I print & post the next day, so they are a really fast gift option.